Interview with an airEkey partner: "Security is a matter of trust"

Some time ago, we introduced you to the airEkey Partner Program and gave you exclusive insights into this sales channel. Here we explain how technical specialists - such as small and medium-sized companies with established operations in the field of safety or electrical engineering - can support us as sales partners. You can read general background information, interesting facts and the advantages of this partnership in a previous airEkey blog post.

We now have more than 700 airEkey partners, mostly in Europe. To give you an idea of what's behind the Partner Program, we're going to tell you about some of our sales partners in more detail.

Sir, please describe your company:

Our locksmiths are a business that has been around since 1993. As a specialist company providing personalised and affordable security solutions to corporate and private clients, we rely on innovation and further development - because security is a matter of trust.

What is your company's core business?

Our main business includes mechanical and electronic locking systems. In addition to safes and alarm systems, unlocking services complete our range of services. For electrical installations such as alarm systems or walkie-talkies, we rely on years of cooperation with electricians.

security is trust

Problem The delivery and installation of locks, locking systems, alarm systems and safes is a matter of trust and of course requires a lot of experience.

What does your typical customer target group look like?

Our customer base is diverse, including small and medium-sized companies as well as many private clients - mainly in the district of Weiz in Styria. Among our customers are also some large companies, which can therefore benefit from Weitz as an industrial city. We also serve several surrounding communities and work closely with property management companies on the installation and maintenance of large locking systems.

Many end customers, especially single people, trust us: seniors especially need help installing door locks or quick assistance in the event of a malfunctioning door handle. Recently, sales of airEeky products have risen sharply - not only in the private sector but also in apartments, for example.

 How did you hear about airEkey?

We rely on high-quality, high-quality products, which is why airEkey fits perfectly into our range. Especially in the private sector, it is important to make the product easy to use and install for our customers - airEkey fulfills these requirements very well.

In the beginning, when we added the airEkey to the range, we drove to the customer ourselves and assembled it. However, the simple installation convinced us immediately. We now simply explain to customers how smart locks are installed, and now 95% of customers install it themselves.

Why did you add airEkey products to your collection?

Today, technological advancements are not only important to companies, but are also steadily increasing in the private sector. In our case, the client proactively asked if the house or apartment could be locked and unlocked without a key. We always check in advance whether the airEkey is suitable for the lock - making the customer truly satisfied. So far, we have received very good feedback from our customers, especially the airEkey keyboard has been very popular.

In your opinion, what is the greatest added value of airEkey?

The biggest advantage is that it can be easily retrofitted. The nature of the door remains the same, if you have a lock cylinder that can be locked on both sides (emergency and danger functions), you don't need to buy a new lock cylinder. Furthermore, airEkey offers a clear added value when it comes to producing replacement keys. If you lose your mechanical key, everything must be replaced. With Smart Lock, access authorization can be simply revoked.

Easy to retrofit

In our experience, customers often exclude products from the decision-making process when they need to retrofit or buy a new cylinder. The advantage of the airEkey is that you can keep the cylinder as long as it can be locked on both sides.


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