Smart Locks

Lose the keys and gain remote access management 

and property status updates.

The Best Smart Locks for Renters

A smart door upgrade that is both renter and landlord friendly.
  • Self Check-in Virtual Key
    After booking, with the Airekey system automatically sends virtual keys to your guests for contactless self-check-in.
  • European lock cylinder
    Suitable for all doors with a thickness between 70mm-110mm. Easy to replace the existing lock cylinder in your front door or apartment door without drilling.
  • Multiple Ways To Unlock
    Opening solutions: host app, guest web app, unique code and NFC card. Backup key | Battery powered.

For Property Managers

  • Enhance your staff’s efficiency by removing the need to manage keys

  • Host self-guided tours using digital access codes  

  • Monitor door entry logs to ensure property and resident security

  • Eliminate the need to change locks after a resident moves out

For Residents

  • Remotely lock and unlock your apartment through the resident mobile application or with the physical lock keypad

  • Create temporary access codes for visitors that need access to the apartment (friends and family, dog walker, babysitter, etc.)

  • Check door lock status from virtually anywhere to ensure your apartment and belongings are safe

  • Use the keypad to lock and unlock your door in the event of a service outage

  • Financing options for every budget
  • Short-term and long-term plans available

  • 100% transparency (no hidden fees or terms)

How Airekey System Works?

Web app

After booking, guests immediately receive the link to complete the online check-in.

Documents and payments

Airekey System automatically sends identity documents to authorities and collects payments.

Self check-in & Self Checkout

From check-in until check-out, guests can open the doors from their smartphone.

Discover Our Pricing Plans

  • 100% transparency (no hidden fees or terms)

  • Financing options for every budget

  • Short-term and long-term plans available

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