10 Benefits of airEkey System for Hosts and Guests

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AirEkey System for Hotels, B&Bs and Holiday Homes , Smart Apartmet,Smart Compay:10 benefits you can take advantage of right now to save time and keep your guests happy


AirEkey System, or automatic check-in, is a service that is rapidly gaining popularity in the travel and hospitality industries.

This new approach to virtual hotels involves all the technology that allows guests to enter an apartment or room independently without the owner, landlord or agency employee in person.

The statistics speak for themselves: this is a revolutionary step, as it allows hosts to optimize the management of time, costs and labor to support innovative services that are undoubtedly appreciated by the clients.

Self-service airEkey System has evolved from simply welcoming customers in person to a service that is not only convenient for customers who cannot be present in person, but also necessary for all those travellers who arrive at the location after check-in time.

Let's take a look at the benefits of airEkey system hotels, bed aB&Bs and Holiday Homes, and how lodging establishments can take advantage of this powerful tool.




1. Lighten the reception desk workload

AirEKey System simplifies bureaucratic procedures, it allows guests and hosts to send all necessary documents for accommodation, such as rental contracts or various identification documents.

2. Automation

Through automation, customers can upload their photos and all necessary identification data to the self-check-in web application.

Forms will still be sent automatically to the hosting web portal.


3. Secure online payments

With airEkey web app, hosts can securely collect pre-arrival guest payments, including an automatically calculated city tax.


4. Improved guest/facility interaction

On the airEkey system, guests can find all useful information about the hotel, such as contact details, description, booking details, Wi-Fi password or directions.

In addition, guests can also make video calls with the hotel through the web application – a method that is undoubtedly enjoyable, useful and convenient for both parties.


5. More independence for guests

The ability to remotely open street doors, gates and doors to apartments and rooms, as well as "contactless" entrances in general, is highly valued over traditional methods.

Being able to get in even if you're late is really appreciated, so customers can leave relaxed without the stress and anxiety of being locked out.

The sense of autonomy and independence that airEkey system provides creates a very high level of trustworthiness among customers, which can make all the difference when choosing a facility.


6. Save time, gain bookings

Hosts can automatically receive everything they need before check-in begins, while guests can manage their own check-ins, saving both parties a lot of time.

For hoteliers, it also means they're willing to accept an increase in bookings, because they don't have to give up last-minute and late checkouts because they can't check in.

7. Reduce lines at reception

AirEKey system  helps the property reduce queues and long waits at reception.

This way, guests will notice and appreciate the ability to expedite bookings, payments, and baggage storage, and that added benefit is rewarded with trust and word of mouth.

8. Extended check-in times

With the digitization of the process provided by self-service airEkey system, guests can check in later, extending the traditional entry time.

AirEKey system allows guests to escape restrictive hours and access their accommodation at other times.

This is especially convenient for guests who arrive tired after a long journey and want to pack up and rest as soon as possible.

9. Service customization

By integrating with the PMS, airEkey system apps allow hosts to gather useful information about their guests. Armed with this data, they can provide customers with a more personalized experience.

In addition, from the moment of booking, during the stay, customers can purchase or book additional services and experiences directly from the virtual catalog of the airEkey system apps web application. A unique opportunity to offer any additional content in an innovative way.

10. Greater visibility on OTAs

The AirBnb portal offers travelers the option to verify airEkey system in the accommodation search filter.

Recent statistics show that this is one of the most used filters when looking for accommodation, so it would be a shame if hosts abandon these reservations.


With airEkey System, can you finally forget about your guests?

If you think that airEkey system can automatically collect money and completely ignore guests, you are wrong.

Saving time doesn't mean you can't be hospitable, as a good host should always look after and pamper their guests. While it’s natural for guests to want to opt for airEkey system, it’s also true that they’ll never pass up the opportunity for human contact with the facility.

Hosting virtually and hosting responsibly is the new paradigm of Tourism and Hospitality, so embrace technology and you will create an impeccable welcome.


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