5 tips for (Airbnb) hosts when choosing a smart lock for their home

Smart locks can make your daily life as a landlord a lot easier. But there are a few things you should do before buying a smart lock. Here are five tips to keep in mind when choosing an electronic door lock.

Tip 1: Check your existing lock cylinder

One of the biggest differences between smart locks from different manufacturers is the ability to retrofit them. If the digital door lock cannot be retrofitted, the lock cylinder must be replaced. On the other hand, retrofittable electronic door locks can be installed directly on existing lock cylinders. So you don't need to change anything else on the door. For example, the AirEKey smart lock is compatible with the most common lock cylinders in Europe.



There is generally no need to replace the lock cylinder here, and the key can continue to be used normally. So if someone around you doesn't want to use the Smart Lock, they can simply keep using the regular key. However, the most important point here is compatibility. Not every retrofit door lock will fit your cylinder perfectly. In any case, please clarify this point before buying a smart lock.



Tip 2: Connect Smart Lock to the Internet

If the smart lock supports the Internet, it can be controlled from anywhere. Your guests have arrived but you are still stuck in traffic? Or do you rent holiday accommodation in different cities or even other countries? Just open the door for them remotely. Electronic locks with remote access are good for both parties. airEkey manufacturers offer gateways as network extensions for smart locks. This is how your electronic lock became internet-enabled in the first place.

You can still access your smart lock locally and use Bluetooth functionality via Bluetooth


Tip 3: Check which security measures the Smart Lock uses

airEkey smart locks have security mechanisms that give you full control and overview of your possessions. So access logs are an important point of security. This way you can check who opened and locked the door and when. Using the door sensor, you can also check if the door is really closed and unlocked when it is opened. Smart door locks that can be retrofitted should also not be recognizable from the outside. That's how you decide who knows you're using your smart lock. If you really want to be on the safe side, you should check to see if you can book additional services. This way, you can be prepared for all possible scenarios. With all these features, you can always see everything and always feel safe.

Tip 4: Pay attention to the integratability of Smart Lock in access management systems and building automation systems

The more accommodation you rent out, the more complex it becomes to manage. Furthermore, it is not enough to offer accommodation on just one platform. When you live farther from where you live, keeping everything running can get very complicated. Of course, you can hire external partners to do all of these tasks. Or you can save on sales and rely on automation. A channel management system like the airEkey system is a very useful tool if you offer accommodation on multiple booking portals.

These all-in-one solutions provide a central platform for all your accommodation. With such platforms, you can manage bookings, property monitoring (e.g. noise), smart thermostats, digital access solutions and more in one central interface - all automated and linked to your bookings. However, this can only go smoothly if you choose a smart lock provider that is compatible with these systems. Especially if you plan to rent out more accommodation in the future, you should consider this now.

Tip 5: Think about what accessories you need for your smart lock

Every accommodation and every guest has different requirements. So it would be practical if you could give your digital door lock different opening options. This also makes it easy for anyone who doesn't want to use the app. We know from many conversations with landlords that downloading additional apps can be a barrier for tenants. Therefore, controlling the Smart Lock's keyboard/fingerprint by entering a passcode externally is ideal for short-term rentals.

With a personal code, your guests have easy access to rented accommodation. The different codes clearly indicate who has access and when. Some smart lock makers also work directly with Airbnb. This gives you a lot of benefits. In this way, the code during the booking can be sent automatically in the Airbnb app.


So look for a smart lock that meets your personal needs as an Airbnb host.

Here is an overview of all factors:

  • Is your lock cylinder compatible?
  • Do you need remote access to your smart lock?
  • What security measures does Smart Lock provide?
  • What other systems should Smart Lock be compatible with?
  • What accessories do you need to optimize the use of your smart lock?


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