airEkey Sales Partners: How to Grow Your Business with the European Smart Lock Market Leader

The smart home isn't just a megatrend, that's for sure, and the numbers prove it. It is estimated that the number of smart homes in Europe and the United States will more than double by 2025. Products for home networking and control and building security are particularly in demand.

According to statistics, comfort and entertainment cannot be ignored either. Another survey showed that more than 30% of respondents either plan to integrate smart access control into their smart home or are interested in doing so. But only 2% of respondents are already using digital access systems. This opens up enormous potential for you as a reseller and installation service provider for airEkey products.

Why include airEkey in your product line?

In addition to smart video doorbells, thermostats and roller shutters, electronic door locks offer practical added value especially in everyday life. This isn't just for private use. Keyless access is a big advantage, especially in holiday apartments, coworking spaces, office and hotel hostel.

airEkey can be used in many different fields with few limits to creativity. With a comprehensive product range, airEKey provides keyless access solutions for apartment and building doors.

It is not without reason that airEkey is the European&US market leader for smart, retrofittable access solutions. To date, the digital access system has already been sold over 300,000+ times.

AirEKey Lock

Why include airEkey in your product line? According to the survey, airEkey's smart access control systems provide your customers with the solutions they expect from a smart home: "more comfort in everyday life" tops the list with more than 55%, followed by "additional security". But it also mentioned that "technically advancing with the times" and "increasing property value" were the primary motivations for using smart home products



Who is the airEkey sales channel for?

The airEkey Partner Program is aimed at small and medium-sized companies that support customers in the selection and/or installation of smart holiday apartments, co-working spaces, offices and hotel dorms. . In addition to choosing the right lock cylinder, they also support customers to install and set up airEkey products or the entire smart home.

Was ist das airEkey Pro Partnerprogramm?

This is a special sales partnership. As an airEkey partner, you sell the airEkey product line to end customers and are therefore resellers. we partner with shareasale

Our Pro Partners usually sell airEkey products in addition to their regular product range. They take care of their customers in a comprehensive way: from product selection through the assembly process to competent technical support.

Welche Vorteile bietet das airEkey Pro Programm?

What are the benefits of the airEkey program?
By selling airEkey products, you can benefit in two ways. The increase in turnover comes from the sale of products, but also from the provision of services, such as the installation of airEkey products. This contributes to long-term customer loyalty and subsequently increases your own company's sales. In addition to attractive conditions for dealers, you can also benefit from many other advantages, such as:

airEkey bonus program

  • Earn up to 15% commission on qualifying products

  • 90-day referral period

  • Continuous product launches

  • Seasonal promotions and offers

  • Dedicated affiliate and agency team

  • Exclusive partner offers available

In principle, all airEkey products were designed for self-installation. However, many end customers – especially people who are less tech-savvy – prefer to trust a professional when it comes to the sensitive issue of “access to their own home”. This is understandable, because the front door also has a high protective function from an emotional point of view. After all, it is the entrance to your own four walls and at the same time protects your privacy.

As a airEkey expert, you can also offer services in addition to selling the airEkey products: in addition to personal advice, you can also take over the installation process or support you with the integration into third-party smart home systems.


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