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Communication with each other, family, friends or neighbors is more important than ever, especially during difficult times like these. But even before social distancing and Covid-19, caring for relatives and the elderly faced many challenges for singles. If you don't live in the same household as your loved one, there's always the question of whether everything is okay, and how to help remotely and act quickly in an emergency. These issues are also at the heart of seniors real estate providers, who want to allow residents to live as safely and independently as possible.

Corona Cycle Correlation

We're experiencing it every day: Corona measures are getting looser. However, we cannot forget that the elderly or disabled are still a risk group and unfortunately we should still reduce exposure to a minimum. For loved ones, this often means having to provide remote assistance, which is nearly impossible without the support of smart technology.


Care and Safety

So together, airEkey is offering a new IoT service called "Care & Security", which aims to enable seniors to live as independent and autonomous lifestyles as possible in their daily lives. This is thanks to the digital network of people living alone with their families.

“Our Care and Safety solutions are aimed precisely at this target group: seniors who want to continue living independently and relatives who want to know remotely if everything is okay. You need solutions that can help in an emergency. Two Target groups can all benefit from the use of smart technologies, such as airEkey smart locks.

With the connected home solution "Care & Security", it is not residents but relatives who use the system. Families can check remotely at any time that everything is ok. If this is not the case, relatives will be notified immediately. For example, the app automatically alerts relatives when certain events occur at certain times — such as opening doors after 10 p.m. This can save lives, especially for relatives with dementia, as unfortunately, there are always cases of elderly people freezing to death because they can't find their way home at night. airEkey smart lock & aiEkey web, providing relatives and affected people with a sense of security in their daily lives.

The perfect addition to everyday life

With the airEkey smart lock, time-consuming and laborious key management is no longer necessary, as the digital door lock provides easy and reliable access to the living spaces of those in need of care. Individual access authorizations can be issued quickly and easily to family members, as well as to mobile caregivers, meaning there is no need to hand over keys manually. However, these number keys can also be adjusted or deactivated at any time. In the event of an actual emergency, relatives can no longer open the door for emergency services themselves, and authorized family members can open the door for emergency services remotely. So valuable seconds can be gained in an emergency.






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