How to Replace Welock Smart Lock Batteries

    If you received a low battery notification from your app, or you notice a low battery alert on the lock itself, you should look to replace your batteries as soon as possible. The app will automatically create a work order for your property’s maintenance team to replace device batteries when they are at 30% or below, however, you can also replace them yourself, if needed.

You will need:

Four (4) non-rechargeable AAA batteries


  1. airekey smart lock accessory follow the instructions to unlock
  2. Remove the battery cover by sliding it up and away from the interior assembly.
  3. Remove old batteries. Note: Do not mix old batteries with new batteries, as this may damage the lock.
  4. Insert four (4) non-rechargeable AA batteries into the battery slots ensuring the polarity of the batteries match the +/- in the battery compartment. 
  5. On your phone, perform a hard refresh of the app.


How to Replace Yale Lock Batteries Video: