airEkey WIFI Box: Smart Door Opener Now Available to Everyone!

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With airEkey, we open the door - literally: our customers trust a holistic, secure and most importantly smart access control solution for single and multi-family homes. This brings us closer to our vision of digitizing as many keys as possible and making physical keys obsolete.

However, apartment owners and tenants in particular often have a bunch of keys that are about to burst. In addition to their own apartment door, they must also lock at least one door, the one at the main entrance of the apartment building.

The airEkey Box installs invisible behind the doorbell system in a residential building, making the front door electric door opener smart. Retrofit solutions allow residents to access via automatic unlock, app or airEkey remote.

airEkey Box - now updated!

Since 2017, more than 2,200 airEkey boxes have been installed in apartment buildings in Germany and Austria - the digital-enabled central entry door has been expanding since then. Combined with the airEkey smart lock for your apartment door, you can even enjoy a completely keyless everyday life. Smart access from street to apartment - using airEkey.

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Since mid-2020, we've been making a number of practical upgrades to the AirEKey Box to make the smart door opener better for you and get more people using it. Specifically, these functions and features have been improved:


1. Conveniently simplify user management from your computer

Access management with the AirEKey Box is child's play - for residents and property managers, as well as organisations and clubs. Personal management levels can now be set using the AirEKey Box. This gives residents, members, service providers, etc. the opportunity to assign, manage, and delete authorizations on their own. Authorization no longer needs to be distributed centrally by the estate manager.

2. Improved AirEKey Web reduces administrative effort

No matter how many residents, members or employees you need to manage: the intuitive and user-friendly airEkey Web allows you to easily set up and manage access authorizations. Let the real estate manager breathe a sigh of relief:

With digital key management, it is only necessary to record the corresponding dwelling unit - everything else is done by the residents themselves, recycling the issued keys.

3. Simplify self-assembly

The airEKey Box can now be easily integrated into existing electric door opening systems. We now provide simple installation aids for anyone with electrical knowledge so you can install it yourself without any problems. In this way, you can quickly turn your property into a modern and safe residential complex without extensive remodeling work.

4. Privacy and security come first

We continue to work on the security of the AirEKey Box. Therefore, detailed activity logs of the access process can only be viewed by users such as apartment owners and tenants. Property management only receives an anonymous overview of the visit process, so privacy is always protected.


5. Digital access for everyone—even remotely

The airEkey Box features an integrated eSIM and Bluetooth Low Energy - a constant internet connection enables smart airEkey functionality even when there is no WLAN connection in direct range. By installing the airEkey Box, all residents in the building can also remotely use the digital access control system in one fell swoop. The main entry door can still be locked with a key, so useful digital functions are available.

Retrofit solutions for all situations

The airEkey Box is not only suitable for residential buildings, it can also be used to lock the entrance and garage doors of residential buildings, clubs or public rooms. Smart door openers can also be incorporated creatively into smart homes. The airEkey Box supports the auto-unlocking feature that airEkey smart locks are known for, and is also compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT and other smart home solutions.

Of course, you can also grant various service providers access to the building through airEkey Web. Delivery services, artisans or nursing services registered and authorized through the airEkey Box Partner Network can use the airEkey Partner App to unlock the door if desired. The airEkey Box partner network is currently only available in certain regions (Vienna).


AirEkey Box as a smart garage opener

Some of our employees use the underground car park or storage area in the basement to park their bikes when they come to the office. We installed the airEkey Box at the entrance of the underground car park and at the door of the bike garage. With the optional auto-unlock feature, the garage door can even be opened when the car is within Bluetooth range - no need to take your smartphone out of your pocket.

AirEkey Box can be installed by homeowners and is therefore the right solution for homeowners, property managers, landlords and individualists. The airEkey Box is now available for them in our airEkey store.

Would you like to use the AirEKey Box as a tenant in your apartment building? Then contact your landlord or administrator - the AirEKey Box can be installed by the property management (during modernisation measures) or the owner's representative.

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