Good resolutions 2022: smart help with implementation

For many, good resolutions are part of New Year's Eve, just as champagne is part of New Year's Eve. But what you do at the beginning of the year, full of motivation and energy, is not always easy to achieve. Weaker egos and old habits quickly return to most of us. Smart devices are great for staying on track - because they allow you to 1) visualize and track your progress, and 2) find the most practical way to do things. We've got smart assistants for you who will give you a hand to help you achieve your best wishes for 2022.


The fight against the kilos

When it comes to great New Year's resolutions, losing weight may be the classic — and 2022 will be no exception for many. Smart gadgets help you take the first step and add more energy to your life. Smartwatches, like Huawei's pedometer or fitness band, can track your steps during the day -- and periodically remind you to move.

With these smart gadgets, you can also record and evaluate your motor units. This will keep you motivated as you can even see small steps forward. If you share your stats with friends and really cheer and challenge each other, there's a good chance you'll stick with it.

As a "smartphone on the wrist", a smartwatch can do so much more - eg. Unlock and lock your front door. Maybe that's why you never go for a run because you're annoyed by the keys clanking in your pocket? With a smart lock, you can operate the door through an app. If you're using the app on your smartwatch, you don't need to carry anything with you while you jog. Here you can read about which smartwatch brands airEkey's electronic door locks are compatible with, and the general benefits of wearables for you.

By the way, a great way to get over a weak ego is to get a real dog. A daily walk is a great opportunity to benefit from your dog's natural urge to move. Is the dog often alone with you during the day? Here, we've rounded up the best tips for taking care of pets during the day.

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