Keyless entry - additional function of the main unit

In order to book your stay permanently, it is no longer enough to just appear on one booking platform. In the age of Airbnb,, expedia, and more, guests have a variety of options to find out exactly what their accommodation offers before booking.

According to the research, the two main reasons guests use booking platforms are the ability to "compare many offers quickly and easily" and "find the cheapest offer quickly and easily." This means that hosts are effectively forced to offer accommodation on as many booking platforms as possible, in addition to their own websites. There are many other challenges with short-term rentals, such as communicating with guests, turning keys, preparing accommodation for the next guest, etc.


Property Management Software

Various software solutions that support hosts in coordinating various booking platforms can make the management of vacation properties easier. This booking software facilitates successful channel management. Well-known vacation rental software providers such as Smoobu, Guesty or BookingSync provide landlords and property managers with a variety of tools to make vacation rentals more profitable and efficient. In addition to reservations and reservation systems, they also offer the possibility to create a website, handle guest communications through the system, etc.


The cooperation with airEkey brings great added value to our users. Automatically adding access codes to communications with guests saves time by fully automating them.

How does the integration work?

The new integration is available to all airEkey users. Simply log in with your existing airEkey Web access data at https://my.airEkey .com/ use all features:

  1. Guests will automatically receive an email with a digital access code shortly before arrival.
  2. If the booking is changed or cancelled, the authorization granted will be changed automatically.
  3. After the reservation expires, the digital access code will automatically expire.

To be able to use the integration, you need an airEkey Smart Lock and an airEkey Web account.

The partnership enables all management software users to take advantage of various channel management benefits. Thanks to aieEkey integration, the registration process can also be optimized and automated. This saves valuable time and money.

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