Simplified maintenance with remote keyless entry

Have you ever wanted to share access to your home with friends or family without handing over physical keys?

Have you ever wished to let a maintenance team into your home without having to meet them and show them your leaky faucet?

If so, you'll find remote keyless entry helpful.

What is remote keyless entry?

Remote keyless entry provides automatic access to unit doors so only authorized users can access these spaces. When combined with smart apartment technology, maintenance teams can access areas of the building associated with maintenance work orders.

Remote keyless entry systems can take many forms. Carriers typically use cloud-based wireless keypads to "talk" to the door's smart lock, granting access when a personalized access code is punched into the keypad or entered into a smartphone app connected to the smart lock

There are countless applications for remote keyless entry, but one of the most useful is for maintenance personnel to access private homes. A keyless entry system can simplify maintenance requests for the following reasons:

Simplify the work order process

Maintenance teams must deal with both planned and unplanned issues. Even for planned maintenance, work order management without keyless entry can be cumbersome.

The traditional scenario would involve the property management team alerting maintenance staff to the problem and coordinating when it should be resolved. These team members then coordinate when appropriate keys need to be distributed and collected.

With remote keyless entry, work orders can be managed remotely with just a few taps of a button. Work orders for maintainers are assigned through the admin portal's application. No additional employee processing is required other than notifying residents prior to being admitted into their unit.

For each affected residence, the maintenance team will receive a one-time access code. Once complete, flag the work order accordingly, triggering notifications to building operators and residents.

Once the order is complete, no one needs to meet with the property's maintenance staff to turn keys or locks. There are fewer trips to and from buildings and fewer emissions from vehicles. Maintenance is streamlined, convenient and more environmentally friendly from start to finish

Update residents at every step

While the home is undergoing maintenance, renters may be curious about how work orders are being fulfilled. They may wonder how long the order will take to complete, or worry about returning home too early, disrupting work order in the process. They may be concerned that service workers will enter their homes at odd times, raising security concerns.

The fear of manual keys is understandable. Keys can be lost or easily copied, and their whereabouts cannot be traced. Today, about 6 percent of burglars use a key to get in. That means a key was used in tens of thousands of thefts in England from 2002 to 2022.

One-time access codes are more secure because they are controlled by the housing operator. Activity logs record who is using the code and when. Keyless access codes can be deleted and reassigned at any time, which helps alleviate residents' concerns.

Additionally, using a remote keyless entry system to easily provide notifications and real-time updates to residents when maintenance work orders are completed can go a long way in giving residents peace of mind and helping them plan their days around regular maintenance.

Get started with keyless entry

Remote keyless entry is a great way to manage maintenance teams without being physically present when they fulfill work orders. In addition, the airEkey system provides residents with insight into the process, improving the comfort of their maintenance team working from home.

airEkey provides a keyless entry and work order management platform that is ideal for the needs of maintenance teams. Want to take advantage of these advantages in your assets? Request a demo of airEkey and we'll be happy to discuss the best options for your portfolio.

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