Automate key handover: no more stress at check-in & check-out

Keeping vacation rentals profitable in the current circumstances has become increasingly difficult, with managers placing more emphasis on the amenities of their properties. Meeting or exceeding guest expectations is often not easy. However, smart home products in particular can significantly simplify the management of vacation properties. Smart locks, smart sensors and more increase security and make it possible to manage accommodation remotely.

In addition to the comfortable interior with attention to detail, it is the smart home devices that make the resort truly comfortable and modern. It is advisable to rely on technologies that give the host and guests a clear advantage.

A survey we conducted with hosts in May 2021 also showed us the importance of using smart technology in holiday accommodation. Over 82% of respondents said that being able to provide modern smart apartments is important to them. This statement was confirmed by 60% of respondents who already use a smart thermostat in their vacation home, and about 54% already using smart lighting

Many new innovative technologies enter the market every year. Some smart home technologies in particular also bring a huge advantage to the rental industry: if smart home devices are integrated into the accommodation, many tasks in the accommodation can also be performed remotely, allowing work to be outsourced. This saves time and makes administrative tasks more efficient. In this way, more properties can be managed in less time, or the best experience for guests can be better provided.

smart Lock

Every holiday begins with a check-in at the booked accommodation. Especially in the current situation, all vacation accommodations that offer contactless check-in are ahead of the curve. Additionally, contactless registration provides maximum flexibility for all involved. Guests can check in at any time without having to wait at the hotel to hand over their keys.

Digital door locks - or so-called smart locks - are a safe and secure way to give guests keyless access to a booked accommodation. The biggest advantage is that no one has to be there in person to hand over the keys. With smart locks, simply assign digital keys to guests. These will be sent to you a few days before arrival. With these individual access authorizations, each guest can only access the property for the duration of the reservation. After that, the authorization will expire. Service partners, such as cleaning staff, can also be assigned permanent digital access authorizations.


In addition to contactless 24/7 self-service check-in, smart locks such as the airEkey smart lock offer many other benefits:

  1. No more lost keys
  2. No more time-consuming key handovers
  3. External partners no longer hand over keys
  4. Guests can arrive at any time and self-check in
  5. No need for expensive duplicate keys for cleaning staff or service partners

Even in the post-Covid-19 era, smart locks will remain an important way for vacation owners to save time and money. Once access to your resort property becomes smart, you have the flexibility to decide whether to greet guests in person or hand over keys digitally.

But not only can access to accommodation be managed remotely: for example, with smart home products, it is possible to monitor or control the temperature, humidity or noise level of your accommodation.


Smart noise sensors

Complaints about noise pollution and so-called "house party problems" at resort properties have been on the rise recently. This problem seems to have become more frequent since the Covid-19 pandemic. With bars and nightclubs closed in many countries, guests seem to be increasingly booking accommodation for parties. To solve this problem, there are smart noise sensors such as B. by minute. They continuously measure noise levels and send notifications when set limits are exceeded. The integration of such sensors ensures that neighbors are not disturbed while maintaining the privacy of guests at all times.

Smart Sensors

One of the great advantages of smart sensors, such as connected smoke detectors, is that not only can an alarm be triggered in the field, but you can be alerted directly via push notifications no matter where you are. This greatly improves the safety standards of your accommodation and also helps save money in an emergency.

Sensors that alert when wet are as important as practicality. Smart water detectors are essential, especially if your vacation home is located in an area that is frequently affected by flooding. For example, such a smart sensor could be installed under a washing machine to take immediate action in the event of a water leak in your home.

Some smart water sensor manufacturers even offer the ability to automatically shut off the main faucet in the event of a leak. Others provide links between sensors and house alarms. In an emergency, this alarm goes off, allowing neighbors and emergency services to intervene immediately, even if you are not there, for example.


Smart Thermostat

A comfortable room temperature can be one of the basic requirements for guests to feel comfortable in your stay. But if you can't be there, then the question is who will turn on the heating or air conditioning of the accommodation in time for the guests. After all, leaving heating running all the time would be inefficient and not very resource friendly. Smart thermostats are the ideal solution here, as they can be used to remotely control heating or air conditioning via a smartphone.

Building Automation Systems

Platforms for building automation systems, such as, offer an all-in-one solution that brings all your smart devices together in one platform. With such platforms, you can manage bookings, property monitoring (e.g. noise), smart thermostats, digital access solutions and much more in one central interface - all automated and in connection with your bookings.

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