Smart Lighting: A Bonus for Health and Safety

The connected home has many advantages, but the most important is that it provides more security and comfort. Smart lighting covers both areas, as smart lighting controls can lead to more safety and a higher quality of life. We give you an overview of the possibilities offered by smart lighting.

Profit per room

While it often gets little attention, lighting plays an important role in quality of life. For many, life without light is almost unimaginable. Even in your own four walls, the right lighting ambience can ensure greater comfort and improved performance. Depending on the color and brightness of the light, you can create a very special atmosphere, from a romantic candle flicker to a bright reading light that allows you to focus on your work.

All those who use light switches mainly for switching and dimming may be wondering how it works: with smart lights, it's very easy and intuitive as they can be easily switched to different settings and scenes via the app, voice or smart Light switch transfer. Networked lights with warm, soft beams in the living room ensure the right ambience for candlelit dinners, while in the kitchen they help ensure the best possible view when cooking, as well as when doing computer work in the office.

Smart lights are especially beneficial if you have to get up at night, as they can be easily configured to only come on very dimly at night. This way, you can avoid the "hello-wake effect" when you turn on the bathroom lights at night.

Practical helper

Although you have smart lighting in your home, if you don't want to be without the usual light switches, you can make them smart too. Different lighting moods can be easily set at the touch of a button – a welcome and familiar alternative to modern solutions controlled via apps and voice.

Motion detectors are especially useful in hallways, stairwells and other passages. They have also been around for a long time, but are usually only used in conjunction with a single lamp. As a smart variant, they can control an entire room or floor, ensuring you're never groping in the dark.

Smart lighting can also be combined with other smart home products to demonstrate its benefits. For example, if your airEkey smart lock reports a resident's absence when locking your smart home, it can automatically turn off all lights in the house and activate an alarm system when needed. As soon as your airEkey electronic door lock is unlocked again, your home will welcome you with individually adjustable comfort lighting.

Adding value to a safe home

In addition to increasing comfort, lighting also plays a central role in safety in and around your own four walls. The more strongly an object is illuminated, the less interested thieves are generally. Smart lights can act as a deterrent in a number of ways:

On the one hand, outdoor lighting in smart homes can be automatically controlled. That means your home will never go out when dusk or when it's already dark outside. Smart lights in your living room, on the other hand, can simulate your presence by turning lights on and off (ideally randomly) in different rooms, even when you're not home. This provides an additional deterrent as burglars often choose buildings where it is clear that no one is home.

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