Access Code Types

This article will introduce the different access codes you are able to create within the app.

Note: The availability of codes and timeframe may differ depending on your community guidelines.


Temporary Code:

This type of guest will have access automatically revoked after a specified amount of time. This code is typically used for a one-time visiting guest.

Recurring Code

This type of guest grants temporary and recurring access within a specified timeframe. This code can be ideal for a frequent service such as a dog walker or cleaning service. 

Permanent Code:

This type of guest is permanent and will need to be manually revoked by the resident. 

Delivery Code: 

This type of code is a temporary, one-time code that will become inactive once the code is used. This is typically used for delivery services. 


Note: Delivery Codes do not apply to every property. This will be available for certain properties who have enabled this.  

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