airEkey & Operto: a great solution for short-term rentals

Many of us crave vacations and relaxation all year round. When the time finally came and we started our well-deserved vacation, we wanted to relax and enjoy our stay. The holidays are often the most stressful time of the year for all who offer short-term rental apartments and houses. In addition to various organizational tasks and the arrival and departure of guests, it is often necessary to coordinate critical handovers.

At airEkey, we believe that everyday life can be simplified through the use of mobile technology. Our airEkey smart locks offer numerous advantages, especially for short-term rentals:

  • 24/7 independent check-in and check-out

  • Time-consuming and expensive key handovers are no longer required
  • No more lost keys
  • No need for expensive replacement key production
  • Control smart locks continuously, even remotely
  • Constantly know who locked the door and when
  • Full control over the state of the front door and lock cylinder
  • Handle last-minute bookings with easy
  • … There are a lot more

Of course, guest check-in, guest check-out, and key handover aren't the only issues a host has to deal with during a guest's stay. To facilitate the day-to-day work of short-term tenants, integrate airEkey into their software solutions.

What are the benefits of using airEkey for hosts and guests?

The first is simplified access options

With integration, Holiday Inn managers can provide 24/7 check-in and check-out services, giving their guests complete flexibility when they arrive and leave. This flagship solution fully automates guest access by programming a separate access code for each booking of a smart lock with a keypad. This allows guests to conveniently and securely check in 24/7 — no app required, and no host to do anything.

Energy saving and convenience:

With smart thermostats, Operto ensures that every guest finds an apartment with a pleasant temperature, while reducing monthly energy costs.


The privacy of objects and guests is always protected thanks to a combination of noise monitoring, energy conditioning and access solutions.

Holiday Experience offers:

Probably the most important thing a landlord can do to stand out from the crowd. With personalization techniques such as displays with customized welcome messages, guests will enjoy an unforgettable stay while feeling at home.


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