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Summer is finally here, but the current situation is working on the long-awaited summer break for most of us. Maybe you wished to be able to fly abroad until the last minute. Or, you've already agreed to put summer 2020 under the "stay at home" motto. It might sound funky, but it can also be a challenge. However, with the right planning and organization, remedies can be found.

Instead, we want to share with you the best tips and tricks on how to spend this different type of vacation in a relaxing and varied way. Now is the time for spontaneous excursions and weekend trips, not all-inclusive, preferably in your own country. Long and precisely planned stays are no longer required, but mental relaxation should not be overlooked. Regardless, this method works best when you know everything is fine at home. With airEkey's digital door lock, whether you're swimming in a lake or climbing a mountain, you can keep an eye on your front door, even from a distance.

1 – Weekend time for two – Organise childcare in a simple way

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Of course, having a wonderful and important time together as a family. But, take it seriously: true relaxation often looks different to parents. Time together is precious. For many, spending the entire vacation without kids is neither feasible nor desirable. Now that the "big vacation" is in the water, small islands may appear in everyday life and can be used as couples. With childcare arranged in advance, you can now be alone for a few days.


  • Organize yourself in advance with your grandparents, other family members and friends. With airEkey's electronic door lock, you don't have to give up, you just send a digital access authorization via WhatsApp and limit it to the desired time period.
  • Have you ever thought of leaving a little surprise for your child? Hide a small note with a message or joke under their pillow, or have a short letter for them each day you're away.
  • Older children and teens often get excited when they're home alone, only to have someone drop by to check on them occasionally. But for you to enjoy a short break too, there's nothing better than seeing in the airEkey  Host app's lock log that the kids are home and the door is securely locked.

2 - Get out of your daily life and get into nature - spend a night in a tent

It may sound corny, but spending a night outdoors is an adventure, and always will be: building a fire, walking barefoot, telling stories, stargazing, having breakfast on the grass, in a lake or river Wash your feet and listen to the sounds of heaven. The most everyday things become an experience, like making coffee or cocoa on a gas stove.


  • Campsites are usually further away, and peace and quiet are not far away. The easiest way to do this is to ask farms in the area if you can camp overnight on their land on the edge of the forest. Or learn about places to camp in the wild.
  • Not everyone has a tent, sleeping pad, gas stove and sleeping bag at home. But almost everyone knows someone in their circle of friends willing to lend these things out for a short period of time. This short adventure can be ready in an afternoon.
  • You're sitting comfortably by a campfire, looking at the light, and suddenly wondering if you've actually turned off the stove in your home? Before you get up, catch your car and drive home to check - thus ruining everyone's sense of adventure, better call your neighbors. You can open them in your airEkey Host app when they are in front of your front door, and later, when your doubts are cleared - lock them securely again.

3 – Visit your own city as a tourist

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Have you ever wondered what is the oldest building in your city? Do you know which places are "must see"? What is your city known for? You can easily spot all these things now because there are almost no tourists from abroad due to air traffic restrictions.

→Test the "Best Breakfast Spots in Town" together and jot down your favorites. Or proficiently check if "best pizza in town" really deserves its title.

→ Almost every city hides little-known treasures. Research and then start looking for clues. Or take a special city tour. (In Graz, for example, there is a terrifying tour at night, showing the most terrifying places in the city.)

4 – Combine visits with excursions

You probably know: Friends and acquaintances have many dear ones, most of whom you rarely meet. Unfortunately, there is little time for extensive visits in everyday life as many errands are organized and handled on weekends. If you omit longer trips, you suddenly have more free time. The best thing to do is to sit down and list all the friends, acquaintances, and relatives with whom you enjoy spending time. Now reach out to everyone who doesn't live too far and organize a meeting. There's nothing like eating a full cake and having a good conversation to re-realize the important people you have in your life.


→ Most of them combine a visit with a lot of effort and preparation. So at the outset it was agreed that you would bring the cake and the pizza would be ordered on the spot.

→ If a friend lives a few hours away, try to take advantage of the quality time of the trip, such as planning a picnic in between. The sense of vacation only arises when time efficiency is no longer a priority.

→ Chances are you'll create a trend in your circle of friends, and friends and family will stop by you spontaneously. But if you're still on your way home and they're already waiting at the door, airEkey lets you open the door for them with a swipe in the app. This way your friends can make coffee.

Crises are the perfect opportunity to do something completely different. This may be the best summer we've had in a long time.
Regardless, we wish you a relaxing and enjoyable holiday at airEkey .

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