The ultimate list for an easy Christmas

Christmas is actually the loveliest time of the year - if the holidays aren't busy with events. You can avoid this stress by planning your vacation. We've collected tips and tricks for you to help you get through all your to-dos the smart way.

Receive visitors easily with airEkey smart locks

If you have friends and family visiting you over Christmas, you know the challenges: some want to go for a walk, some want to go to the Christmas market - one of them always has to stay home to open the other. Of course, you can issue several spare keys. But there's an easier solution: that's where our digital door lock comes into play - the airEkey smart lock. Easily send access authorizations to your guests through the airEkey Host app. So they can easily unlock and lock your front door through the app. Or you can simply assign a separate access code to your airEkey keyboard. So your guests can get in and out without a smartphone. Here you can find out why the airEkey smart lock is not only very useful but also absolutely safe.


Plan gifts from start to finish

Gift planning can be confusing for extended families. Fortunately, there are some apps that can help you with this task - such as "Santa's Bag." With this app, you can keep track of who has received your gift and everyone's budget. You can also share this list with others. A fun Christmas countdown is also running - so you don't have to buy anything at the last minute.

Free shipping without stress

Especially this year, online shopping has become a breeze. It only gets stressful if you miss a delivery and you have to go to the pickup station again. With airEkey's electronic door locks, you take less stress because you can open the door for package delivery drivers when you're out and about.

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airEkey Christmas Playlist

It's great when the whole family gets together and smells like cookies, fir branches and delicious food. Only one thing was missing: Christmas music. We've got something very special for you: we've created a colorful airEkey Christmas playlist on Spotify featuring favorite songs from airEkey employees. The whole thing becomes very handy if you build a smart routine out of it: For example, you can use Alexa to set up a Christmas playlist to play automatically when you get home from a public holiday.

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