airEkey and Airbnb: the new integration to broaden the horizons of Self Check-in

From now on, the integration between airEkey and Airbnb makes the self-check-in experience for your guests smarter and more intuitive.
Find out how it works:

  1. After  Airbnb   completes the accommodation reservation, the guest receives a link via chat to make a airEkey online check-in without leaving the app;
  2. All information collected during the online check-in process is automatically uploaded to the host's airEkey dashboard;
  3. Guests can use their smartphone, NFC card or unique code to open their room's doors and doors according to the check-in and check-out times set at the time of booking.

We're sure this news will make your guests' overall stay experience more enjoyable, thanks to the simplicity and immediacy of our online check-in process.


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