Do you rent an apartment on Airbnb? Here is the solution for remote check-in

It is a good practice to use magnetic keys to enter hotel rooms. The frequency of being able to do this via QR codes has decreased, but some structures have adopted this technology to raise the bar of customer comfort. airEkey, a Rome-based startup that was born two years ago and raised (and financed) in the LVenture Group incubator, has invented something a step further, especially for owners and managers of hotels and holidaymakers' apartments.

Using IoT (Internet of Things) technology, airEkey allows people working on platforms such as Airbnb, Booking or HomeAway to remotely manage the opening of the entrance doors of rental facilities directly from their smartphones. In other words, we're talking about a hardware and software solution that wants to change the method of the check-in/check-out process with a digital and universal key that is easily and instantly accessible from an app or website. But that's not all. The system developed by Vikey is also capable of managing other aspects of the hotel, from sending documents to paying for upsell services. So a complete response to the needs of those who bet on this event and don't have (too much) time dedicated to serving guests.

Equipment required to run airEkey

As a company spokesperson explained, the basic idea is to be able to allow customers to choose their preferred way to enter a rental property, making their experience more enjoyable while maintaining a high level of security for the lessor. Remote check-in is part of the airEkey solution that meets exactly this need.

The guest can communicate directly with the host via the walkie-talkie (the system automatically dials his mobile number), and the host can easily identify him and open the apartment from his smartphone. To realize this dream that may recur among renters, all you need is a control unit (the real brain of the whole solution) connected to the home Wi-Fi network and installed near the walkie-talkie, made at the front door so that you can pass a simple Electric pulse to turn it on and get acquainted with the airEkey mobile app.

The self-service check-in system is simpler. Enter guests' booking information via a special dashboard and notify them via a detailed email of how the service is running and receive a timecode (encrypted and secure) valid only during the overnight stay.

Once the AirEKey Host app is downloaded on their device, guests can gain full autonomy into the apartment using the digital key provided.

The advantages

No need to wait for the host or any guests at the door, no need to deal with possible inconveniences (like flight or train delays) after pre-set check-in/check-out times Chat to stay connected and set times and spaces when services are available and unavailable Accidentally opening the door in the presence or absence of the guest.

In short, airEkey is ambitiously changing the game (for the better) in the hospitality industry by leveraging very popular tools like smartphones and proven connectivity technology. From no signal to audio quality for intercom communication, allowing the technical issues that always arise seems like a good solution.

Investors who funded the startup with more than 1 million euros certainly hold this view.

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