Home Delivery: The Future of Online Shopping

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Who doesn't recognize them, those yellow, white or blue notes on the front door or in the mailbox? When you're not home, you'll know instantly that an expected delivery has arrived (or not). This humble delivery note doesn't just cost you extra work. Delivery services also incur additional charges, as the package must be stored again until it is picked up.

Online shopping is booming

In recent years, online shopping has developed rapidly. In addition to general changes in buying behaviour, this is also due to international lockdowns and coronavirus-related store closures. In 2019, more than 12 billion packages were delivered in Europe. The biggest challenge of online shopping is no longer the shopping process itself, but the most convenient and easiest product delivery.


How does smart delivery behind the house/apartment door work?

Even though the term home delivery (home delivery) sounds complicated at first, the technical requirements are manageable. First, the package delivery person must be allowed to open the door (without assigning a key, of course). Electronic door locks, such as airEkey smart locks, are often used here. With this smart locking system, time-limited access can be assigned to deliverers. For example, with this separate access code, you can specify that the courier can only open your door at certain times of the week. Absolutely comfortable!

For direct delivery to the house or apartment, you can also use an indoor camera. This documents the entire process and provides additional protection in the event of an insurance claim. After the delivery is successful, the courier closes the door, and the electronic door lock automatically locks the door again.

Experience and sense of innovation

The foundation of direct home delivery has always been trust: trust in delivery services and technical solutions. Here, it is recommended to rely on established companies that have developed and successfully implemented appropriate solutions over a long period of time.


Front Office Delivery with airEkey, A1 and Austrian Post

A current example is the cooperation with Austrian post and telecommunications provider A1. During the summer, Swiss Post is testing a contactless front office delivery service in parts of Austria. Peter Umundum, member of the management board for parcels and logistics at Österreichische Post AG, explained that the possibility of contactless front office deliveries should lead to a further increase in the already high first delivery rate. Thanks to the additional protection provided by A1's own encryption system and security packages, the delivery of packages is absolutely secure and documented for later analysis. In the first 24 hours, more than 1,000 people applied for the test. Swiss Post will decide on its own initiative over the next few weeks the final selection of the door-to-door delivery trial, based on region and delivery zone.


From the cold storage area to the refrigerator at home: supermarket shopping takes a new level

An example of airEkey with the largest supermarket chain in the Netherlands shows that it is not always just packages. Commitment to home delivery is cited as one of the five main reasons customers are reluctant to order groceries online. So we tested this new delivery method over 10 weeks. The possible optimization potential was then evaluated together with the customer in order to be able to become a pioneer in the field of home delivery in the future.


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