Staying at home made easy - Tips for supporting our older family members

The current situation presents a major challenge to all of us. Shopping and walking are suddenly the main events of the day. Honestly, we welcome a good reason to temporarily step away from our own four walls because we crave distraction. For our seniors, however, the way out comes with additional risks. We all know that discipline is the only way to protect ourselves and all seniors.

Order online for our older family members

How good is an online order - have you been trying to make delicious Asian food for your grandparents or parents for a while? Well now is a good time to order their offal, fried rice and sushi. If you can't keep them happy, luckily there are countless other options.

Now is the time to think about the little things in life to surprise and delight each other. Do you order groceries online for older family members? Then immediately add fresh tulips to the list - they'll be happy, even if of course "not necessary".

Delivery to your doorstep?

Admittedly, in the current situation, the receipt is not without problems. Even if you pay instantly online, so you don't need to touch cash, the door still has to be open. With a digital door lock, this risk is eliminated because your loved one can unlock and lock the door from the couch. It also makes the supplier more secure, which is why this add-on is often mentioned as a comment on the order.

The benefits of digital door locks for seniors

Even if your parents or other older family members are generally skeptical of "tech", now is a great time to add a digital door lock to your loved one's apartment or house. Why? Because smart locks can help your parents get along better at home later, when they might not be doing well.

Home care after surgery, care with and without care levels, home care for (first-onset) dementia - there are many reasons and many different situations that require outside help. Most of the time, the process is fluid, so the people involved don't always agree on what actions must be taken when. However, no matter how much help is needed, one factor remains the same: the parent or grandparent's apartment or house must be readily accessible.

In an emergency, minutes

For example, airEkey's Smart Lock can be easily installed on almost any lock cylinder (on the inside of the door) and set up in minutes using the free app. From now on, the gate can be locked via a smartphone, but the key will still work. Your parents won't notice any changes at all. However, in an emergency, you can open the door remotely at any time - after all, it must be one of the scariest thoughts ever to have your parents fall and emergency services stand in front of a locked door. airEkey smart locks at the door give you the opportunity to take action when you need it most. 

Optimal care provided by mobile caregivers

In the field of mobile care, digital door locks have long been used, where key management quickly reaches its limits. If the airEkey smart lock is installed, it is sufficient to send a digital access authorization so that authorized caregivers can easily enter the apartment via their smartphone. In the event of an illness or a spontaneous change of duty personnel, a one-time access authorization can be assigned to another person within seconds. Therefore, your loved ones are always in the best possible care.

"Growing old is not for cowards"

Many older adults worry at an early age about what will happen if they need help one day. At some point, however, many people get to the point where others have to think about them -- keyword: dementia. If you forget to water the flowers, it will actually only be harmful to the flowers. But forgetting to lock the front door at night can be dangerous. So, with a smart lock, the status of the door can be checked in the app at any time. If the door is not locked, you can do it remotely. Time control is also possible, where the door automatically locks at a certain time.

Digital door locks can help older family members stay on their four walls longer. One of our long-time airEkey users has also considered aging and technology, and shares his thoughts with us in this article.


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