• Initial subscription period: 3 months

  • Starting from 5 locks

  • First 3 months: 19.99 euros per lock per month

  • After 3 months: 9.99 euros per lock per month

  • Free maintenance and replacement during the subscription

What is airEkey IOTaas System?

airEkey is an enterprise smart home automation company that creates software and smart locks. These empower hotels, vacation rentals, and B&B owners to facilitate self-check-in and automated virtual key delivery for guests. With remote door lock control, the smart airEkey system enhances guest experiences.

How airEkey lOTaas System Works?

Seamless Integration, Effortless Check-in

The airEkey is integrated with hundreds of hotel booking platforms. Once your guests book, we'll send them a direct self-check-in link. Simplify their experience, and enhance your service.

Contactless Pre-Check-in Convenience

Your guests can effortlessly submit registration materials, such as passports and other essential papers, prior to their arrival. It will enhance their experience, save on staffing costs, and reduce manual hassles for your team.

Digital Key Access: Anytime, Anywhere

After self-check-in, guests will receive a room unlock code via airEkey Webapp. No manual key handovers — you can also unlock remotely, allowing flexible 24/7 check-in.

Integration with hundreds of booking platforms

Thanks to the integrations with Booking, Airbnb, PMS and CM, the reservations you receive are automatically imported to the My Airekey dashboard. In this way, you can ask guests for all dates you need before their arrival.

Manage with Ease: PC & Mobile Solutions with airEkey 

Our system offers both a PC web platform and a mobile app for streamlined property management. Additionally, our guest Web App empowers guests to unlock doors, order meals, and generate invoices on the go, ensuring the utmost convenience.

What Can airEkey Do For Your Business?


Streamline operations and put every door on one dashboard.

Vacation Rentals

Automatize check-in for your properties from guest's data collection to key delivery. Guests directly open doors with their smartphones via web-app.


Deploy cloud-based access control across your enterprise.

Learn How To Optimize Your Property

  • Easy all-in-one platform available from anywhere

  • Increase resident attraction and satisfaction

  • Smart lock access control that enhances security & convenience

  • Digital concierge: increase profits