Smart access to coworking spaces with airEkey

Coworking spaces are ideal workplaces for creatives who like to work flexibly with their hours. But shared workplaces can also be an advantage for the self-employed. The classic work from home doesn't necessarily work because there can be distractions at home. In a coworking space, people from different fields (and companies) often work side by side. This automatically generates creative inputs and solutions during coffee breaks that you might not have come up with on your own.

However, the freedom of co-working space also has a disadvantage: since there are no fixed office hours and the people working there can change frequently, the problem of smart access solutions arises. After all, constantly producing spare keys is not only cumbersome but also time-consuming and labor-intensive.

airEkey's smart door lock is an absolutely safe and simple solution for co-working spaces - installation in just a few steps: simply install the airEkey smart lock on the inside of the front door (ready to use within 3 minutes), download the free airEkey app and pair with Smart Lock, your smartphone becomes a digital key. About how it works: Digital access authorizations can also be sent to other people, for example via WhatsApp (and other messenger services). If necessary, these digital keys can also be easily extracted in the airEkey app. When in doubt, looking at the airEkey Host app is enough to determine if the front door is really closed and securely locked.

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