airEkey Smart Lock in everyday life - these are the best advantages for everyone

What do we always take with us when we leave home? our key. They open doors for us, but they also cause us a lot of trouble. If you've ever lost your keys, you'll know what we're talking about. A particularly practical alternative to keys is electronic door locks or smart locks.

This means that your mechanical key is no longer required and you can use your smartphone to open the door without it. Use the app to easily open your door - even when you're not home. This makes many everyday situations easier.

In eight fun short films, we'll show you how our airEkey smart lock can simplify your life.


Keys as vintage objects - it's almost time

Everyday objects are constantly evolving. Especially things that we need every day simply have to be practical. You only realize how tedious and annoying outdated technology can be with hindsight. Imagine you had to make do with a landline phone that you share with several people. Or you want to watch a movie from the beginning and have to rewind the VHS tape manually.

If you use an electronic door lock, you'll soon start thinking about keys in a similar way. The concept of the key has never really changed over the centuries. And yet, when we open the car door, we can no longer imagine actually putting the key in the lock.


Bags are like a black hole - enough to keep looking for the keys?

On average, we spend a whole year of our lives looking for things (source)! The key is often lost in the process. And somehow this always happens at the worst possible moment: loaded with groceries, a sleeping child in your arms or when the food inside is already burning – that's exactly when the key is hidden in the bottom corner of the bag.

airEkey Smart Lock users have it much easier when they come home. With the Auto Unlock function, the front door is unlocked automatically as soon as an authorized smartphone is within range (you can find out how this works here).

Horror idea: being locked out

A door with a handle on the outside leads to a daily adrenaline rush: every time the door slams shut, you'll panic wondering if you're carrying the keys. After all, you can't get in without a key. Then all you have to do is wait patiently for someone who also has the keys.

Without a lock cylinder for emergency and danger functions, the door cannot be unlocked from the outside if the key is inserted inside. In this case, only a locksmith can help. Drilling out lock cylinders, replacing them, and duplicating keys is often expensive. (Discover the airEkey carefree package via Care & Protect)

A smart lock combined with an external combination lock, such as an airEkey keyboard, is the ideal protection against such situations. With the airEkey keyboard, you can simply assign individual access codes instead of access authorizations.



 Do sports without jingling in your pocket

Whether you're an amateur athlete or a professional: The question of where to put your keys while jogging affects everyone. There are several solutions for storing keys: either carry them with you (and tie them to your pants, shoelaces, or something), or hide them under a doormat, etc. A thief may know the "best" place to store the keys.

So smart locks are often a real game-changer for runners: they can simply lock the front door with the tools they already have: a smartphone and/or a smartwatch. But what if your battery runs out on the go? Here, the airEkey keyboard is also your ideal backup.

Here you can learn more about airEkey keyboard security.


It's so easy to lose a key...

If you lose your key, you can usually find it again. But it can also happen that your keys fall into sewer grates, elevator shafts, etc. The key may also break or bend in the lock so that it no longer fits in the lock. All this brings a lot of inconvenience.

By the way, if you live in an apartment building, you might even need two keys to get home. With the airEkey opener, you can also enter the main entrance without a key. The airEkey opener turns your walkie-talkie into a smart door opener. Here you can learn more:

Smart locks even without a smartphone – airEkey for everyone

Not everyone feels comfortable locking their doors via an app. Not everyone has a smartphone either. It is important that all involved are satisfied with this. Therefore, with the airEkey smart lock, the door can still be locked with a key. However, many customers have reported that grandma and grandpa quickly got used to the airEkey Keypad. Elderly people, in particular, often have difficulty inserting keys into locks.

Smart locks are ideal components for every smart home

The airEkey electronic door lock is compatible with most smart home systems. This can simplify many processes in everyday life. Being able to control the front door via voice command is a convenient thing for many. For people with physical disabilities, however, this option is essential.

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