airEkey, a virtual concierge service for automated smart check-in in hotels and rental properties

The system, allows the bureaucratic procedures to be managed remotely and safely without contact and to give the customer virtual keys to use on the mobile phone for the time of their stay.

airEkey, has devised a solution - designed for hotel managers or for those who rent a house or rooms online - which allows you to carry out all remote check-in operations and gives the customer a virtual key to be used on the mobile phone to open doors, gates and gates. This is a system that can be very useful for those who rent houses far from their home, for hotels with few staff or that promise maximum privacy to their customers or for arrivals at unconventional times. And at the time of the coronavirus also to avoid contacts with customers and between customers as much as possible.


Safe check-in

In fact, one of the guidelines for the safe operation of lodging facilities is self-registration, the possibility of fully self-registration

How it works

The airEkey is able to manage doors, gates and gates, and thanks to a box it can also accommodate walkie-talkies. In addition, it has a software capable of communicating with large travel companies such as Booking, AirBnb, Homeaway, etc., offering the possibility of remote check-in and registration of documents and payments. Once all the bureaucracy is done, the software sends a link to the tenant's phone with the key to open and close the door, apparently only during the stay. Owners can still open and close the door remotely via the app and answer the intercom from their phone (and then use the intercom key).

Smart WiFibox 2 Gateway for welock Smart Door Lock – WELOCK

Immediately effective system

The traditional lock on the door is replaced by the airEkey Lock, a "smart" lock that can be managed via an app or a numeric keypad (no key required). Additionally, among innovations launched in recent months is a free virtual inspection system via WhatsApp that allows technology partners to remotely inspect structures for compatibility with airEkey devices.

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