No mandatory user account and data saving implementation: this is how airEkey handles customer data

"Social networks are not free. Everyone pays with their data" (Helmut Glaßl (*1950), graduate engineer, painter, maxim).

Today, it's often an open book for companies of all kinds. Users confirm data usage and cloud service usage multiple times a day. But what exactly is a cloud?

 Data storage in the cloud - advantages and disadvantages

In short: resources such as storage space are available through an internet connection. Whether it's a database, network, or storing data on a server. Technologies such as the cloud (such as from Amazon Web Services or iCloud from Apple) have one major advantage: large capacity and flexibility.

Many people are somewhat skeptical of the "data cloud". The reason for this is usually possible data misuse. After all, every time you register or use the app, you will be asked for personal data. Difficulty keeping track of your own data

Werden bei airEkey Kundendaten gespeichert?

Your data is safest when you don't have to provide it in the first place. Protecting user data has been our top priority from the start. So, compared to other smart lock manufacturers, you don't need to create an account with airEkey.

So you are in control of your data. Communication is via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth and your data is only stored locally on the end device. When airEkey Bridge activates remote access, the server is only used to forward commands, not to read or execute commands. This means that we do not store any data about the communication between the airEkey device and the airEkey app. Whether you use the Smart Access solution locally or online via remote access - your data isn't stored anywhere and you don't need a user account. If personal and security-related data becomes relevant while using the app, we will notify you immediately in the app.


The special role of airEkey Web

The only exception is airEkey Web: this optional service is available in addition to the app on your smartphone. Using airEkey Web, you can conveniently manage your airEkey devices and smart home integrations from any Internet-enabled device, such as your PC (for more information, visit To do this, your data must be temporarily stored on airEkey servers. However, you can decide whether to use this option and for how long.


All in all, it can be said that you have three options for using your airEkey device:

Local use via Bluetooth: In this case, the control of your airEkey device will only work when you are within Bluetooth range. Your data is not stored in the cloud and you don't need a user account. Click here for details.

Via Internal WLAN: If you also want to control your Smart Access solutions remotely, simply connect them to your WLAN via remote access (via airEkey Bridge). In this case, no customer data is stored in the cloud and no user accounts are created. Click here for details.

Via the optional airEkey Web service: If you also want to conveniently manage your airEkey devices on your PC, you can activate airEkey Web. This optional option is useful in many situations (for example, for Airbnb hosts who manage multiple apartments). However, activation of airEkey Web is a prerequisite for integration into various smart home systems such as Google Home and Amazon Alexa. In this case, the device data is synchronized with the airEkey server. Click here for details.

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