Romantic key handover? We will show you the right time and the smart alternative


In the run-up to Valentine's Day, the topic we're addressing today is "handing over the keys" in relationships and future partnerships. Keys are often used as a symbol of trust. What's the point of giving someone else the keys to their own home? What is the reason behind this? What difficulties would arise if you had to retrieve the keys? We provide you with the answers to these questions and a smart alternative to traditional keys.

A romantic gift for Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and doesn't mean much to most people at first. In fact, as many as 75% of Germans see Valentine's Day as a "purely business holiday".

In principle, there's nothing wrong with wanting to stimulate the economy between Christmas and Easter -- but romance rarely results from it. However, it brings up the topic of romance in most relationships because "Lovers' Day" can't be ignored entirely.

Especially in the early stages of a relationship, couples often approach the topic cautiously and try to clarify whether the other is expecting a big romantic move each year on February 14.

Apartment key as a gift

Valentine's Day is often used as an opportunity to "take the next step" in a relationship and provide your partner with the keys to your own home. For almost every third, this step even means the beginning of serious collaboration. According to a study last year, when asked "When do you feel like you're in a committed relationship?", 27% of women and 30% of men answered: "When I get the keys to the house."


Key Collection Considerations

So when should you give your partner a front door key? do you have to do this? These issues and many others on the subject are discussed in depth on various forums. It takes a lot of trust to let someone into their home permanently. According to the survey, men in particular seem to have a hard time with this because they want to protect their home as a shelter. However, many very practical problems are often solved this way. Here are the most interesting comments on key exchange from various forums:

  • If your partner regularly sleeps in someone else's apartment, is it time to hand over the keys?
  • If you use your keys as a "sign of trust", are you also more or less compelled to hand over your own keys?
  • Why hand over the keys if you're just spending time together in your own apartment?
  • Frequently spending free time together means constantly arranging meeting places. This topic can quickly become a logistical challenge, especially if the partner with the committed key is late. How to organize?

    You often get the key for a specific occasion (e.g. receiving a package, etc.) and then simply “forget” to return the key or to ask for it back. How can this matter be addressed and resolved without conflict?

    A digital door lock offers the optimal solution

    All of the difficulties discussed above are completely eliminated with a digital door lock, such as the AirEKey Smart Lock. Imagine you could send access to your home as digital access authorization. When the time is right for you, you simply send a digital key to your partner via WhatsApp (or other messenger services). From now on, they use the free AirEKey app on their iOS, Huawei or Android smartphone to unlock your front door. However, you still have an overview of all issued access authorizations and can deactivate any smart key with just a few clicks.

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