The Best Mother's Day Gifts for Busy Moms

Mom is probably at the top of your list of people who tirelessly care about others. Maybe she's up at 6am, busy with work emails and breakfast with the kids, and trying to pack a lunch with little sleep. Or she's arranging a carpool while completing a presentation at the office. She was exhausted, exhausted, and desperately in need of rest. However, busy moms certainly don't have time to rest. If only there was a way to make her life a little easier - to have a friend by my side to lend a helping hand...

Enter the airEkey Wi-Fi smart lock. This Mother's Day gift for busy moms will give you more peace of mind and less stress in your everyday life—all year round. Here are some ways smart Lock can help moms today:

Going home with kids and groceries:

Hardworking moms have countless things to do throughout the day, from running errands to picking up their kids. At the end of the day, it's time to bring everything and everyone back to the house. The grocery bags were heavy and the kids were hungry and tired after picking them up from practice.

The airEkey Wi-Fi Smart Lock can provide that much-needed extra help. With Smart Lock's intelligent auto-unlock feature, the door responds as needed, so she never has to fumble for the keys again.

Multitask like a boss:

Often, the rush to leave home or return home for the night is filled with activity. From making sure everyone has their own backpack before school, to dealing with loads of work and after-school items when you return, it's easy to miss something.

Mom can take advantage of the airEkey Wi-Fi Smart Lock's voice assistant integration to save her. By asking "Alexa, can you unlock the door?" before leaving, or saying "Hey Google, please lock the door" when she gets home, access control and security may be one of the things she has to do. If you're looking for a gift for a mom with nothing, get her a top-notch multitasker.

Grant Home Access While Away:

Working moms often find themselves needing to be in both places when it comes to managing their home and career. She might be showing a client when the dog walker picks up Fido, or she might be stuck in a late meeting when the date night babysitter arrives. She knew putting the keys under the mat wasn't the safest option, but she had to get everything right. No other option - or is there?

Gifts for working moms are supposed to make life easier, and the airEkey Wi-Fi Smart Lock + Keypad is designed to be unique. With Smart Lock's advanced guest access, she can grant unlimited virtual keys or keypad codes to house cleaners, babysitters, or anyone else who needs to get in. She can even choose how long those digital keys will be valid, whether it's weeks, hours, or minutes. She no longer has to worry about lost, stolen or duplicated keys - it's a Mother's Day gift that pays off in the long run.

The airEkey Wi-Fi Smart Lock is a practical and unique Mother's Day gift for busy moms - even moms who don't want anything! Give her the opportunity to regain control of her busy schedule using a device designed to be her trusted friend. Whether it's coming and going, commuting or settling in, airEkey will keep hard-working moms through. We're here to help her do it all.

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