Smart locks that allow you to remotely manage your B&B

Door locks and high-tech intercoms and an app to manage all the paperwork: the check-in of bed and breakfasts and rental properties becomes digital

WIFI  Keypad  Door Smart Lock - WELOCK PCB H21 US

Rooms, beds, lofts, houses and second homes: all rented, with some subletting. And if the market expands, someone will seize the opportunity. airEkey has launched a fully digital check-in service, now enriched with the possibility to open the front door remotely via a smartphone.

The airEkey system is actually based on a digital lock, app and web platform that allows guests to complete all check-in procedures, including paying the tourist tax, without having to meet the host. Full respect for the original concept of bed and breakfast.

How it works. First of all, it is necessary to install the airEkey lock, a cylinder with a keypad, which replaces the European home locks and thus becomes a number: to trigger it, just enter a numerical code or use the airEkey web app on your smartphone as virtual key. Even at that moment he was on the other side of the world. Said, done: Check-in becomes self-check-in.

"So once a guest books a stay with a host using airEkey , the system generates a temporary code that arrives via email or text message, allowing him to complete the online check-in process within 3 minutes, including signing the contract and paying the city tax" . Subscriptions range from 10 to 30 euros per month, depending on the edition you choose. If required, an airEkey lock rental fee of EUR 5 per month must also be added. No special skills are required to install everything. In Europe, therefore, they will also learn about this new, innovative high-tech version of Italian hospitality.

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