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We're all used to checking in online before arriving at the airport for your flight, so you can now check in remotely to get into your hotel. In fact, the start-up AirEKey invented virtual reception to manage guest reception in hotels, residences and campsites, which is already present in more than 3000 accommodation facilities in Europe to meet the new demand for safe distance: AirEKey allows travelers to skip Line up at the reception and open the hotel's main entrance and guest room doors with the push of a button on your mobile device. 100% free of the new coronavirus. The hotel staff apparently received the guest's entrance information immediately to register.

The whole hotel is just for your family

To avoid any unnecessary contact and to peacefully "distancing" holidays from others, the alpine resort of Sapada (which recently passed a referendum from Veneto to Friuli Venezia Giulia) invented the "Let's Again" Meet the initiative "Sappada". By calling the consortium of this charming village in the Dolomites, it is actually possible to book the entire structure, where you can spend time alone with family and friends! From B&B to hotel, with up to 10 rooms, the structure Will be reserved for the exclusive use of this group of tourists.

The tape at the beach

Called "Safe Beach Space", it is a system approved by Inail and Istituto Superiore della Sanità to guarantee space on the beach so that swimmers can enjoy the sea: a series of nails inserted into the sand, followed by a high ribbon . A few spans that allow you to limit the perimeter of the space. Unlike the first clear plexiglass wall that first came to mind, the clear advantage of the Safe Beach Space System is that it is inexpensive, low impact and easy to dismantle.



Disinfection channel

There are hotels, bathing establishments, restaurants and museums that want to provide extra safety for guests entering through a so-called "disinfection tunnel", an arched structure several meters long that sprays a very light cloud of solution into the air. Disinfectant Does not wet or stain skin or tissue, but neutralizes the spread of fungi, bacteria, viruses and infections. Italian company Rubner has just released the Asepta Tunnel, the first wood that can be easily dismantled and moved, making it suitable for tourist activities.

Various online rentals

This is a key trend in service management during post-Covid Phase 3. Bikeit - The Bike Experience ( is the first marketplace where you can book online bike rentals from over 50 rentals in Italy and Europe, while Skouty ( allows you to plan outdoor activities by booking experiences - From rafting to paragliding, from mountain guides to snorkeling - and their certified guides.

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